Become a Member

Membership in the INGAA Foundation is open to natural gas pipeline companies and companies that provide goods and services to natural gas transmission pipelines.  Membership is at the corporate level.  Dues, which are billed annually, are based on a formula that is applied to the total annual revenues of member companies.

 INGAA Foundation Guiding Principles
The Foundation has established a set of Guiding Principles to govern its business activities and interactions with others. Members are committed to abide by these principles and new members are required to accept them.

How is the organization structured?
A small staff and simple organizational structure enable the Foundation to devote maximum resources to its mission.  A representative of each member company sits on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  The Chairman is elected from the membership for a one-year term.  Executive Committee members are elected for two-year terms.  The Planning and Studies Committee manages the study program.  The Foundation holds three major meetings a year: The Spring Meeting in April, the Summer Planning and Studies Meeting in August and the Annual Meeting in November.  These meetings provide networking and information exchange opportunities for members.