Governance & Administration

The Foundation’s simple organizational structure has allowed the Foundation to maximize its limited resources to promote the interests of its members.  A representative of each member company sits on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  The Chairman is elected from the membership for a one-year term.  The Foundation’s By-Laws (Article VIII, Sections 2 & 3) specifically provide for two committees. An Executive Committee comprised of at least 10 members who are elected for two year terms and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Foundation is empowered to act as the Board between Foundation meetings.  A Nominating Committee, appointed annually, proposes candidates for Foundation officers, the Executive Committee and other committees as directed by the Board.  Two annual major conferences, a Spring Meeting in April and an Annual Meeting in November, are organized to allow members maximum opportunities for networking and information exchange.  A smaller planning meeting —the Planning and Strategy Meeting—takes place in August.

The primary activity of the Foundation is sponsoring studies that promote natural gas use and safe, efficient pipeline construction and operation.  The Foundation Planning & Studies Committee was created early in the Foundation’s existence to manage this program.  In 2003, the Board approved modifications to the study development process to bring greater discipline and enhance the overall quality of the study program. Most notably, the revised study process adopts a single annual cycle for the development, approval and execution of study proposals.


2023 Officers 

Chair – Paul R. Amato, Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company
Vice Chair- Sean Nicholson, Michels Corporation
President – Amy Andryszak, The INGAA Foundation
Executive Director & Treasurer – Tony Straquadine, The INGAA Foundation
Secretary – Abby Miller, The INGAA Foundation

2023 Executive Committee 

Term November 2022 to November 2024:

Jeff Benefiel – Stantec
Dave Coffin – EVRAZ, Inc.
Chuck Harris – TD Williamson
Jason Leger – Sunland Construction
Denny Patterson – Bi-Con Services, LLC
Danny Schedule – NextEra
Richard Stoker – POWER Engineers 

Term November 2021 to November 2023:

Pierre Bigras – PG&E
Kimberly Tarr – Boardwalk Pipelines
Jon Draeger – TC Energy
Chris Williams – Cheniere Energy, Inc.
Andrea Grover – Enbridge, Inc.

EX-Officio Members

Joseph Ramsey (2013) – Ramsey Energy Associates, LLC
Craig Meier (2014) – Sunland Construction
Rob Riess (2016) – Henkels & McCoy, Inc.
Mark Hereth (2018) – Blacksmith Group / P-PIC
Lauren O’Donnell (2020) – TRC
Susan Waller (2021) – Natural Allies
Marty Jorgensen (2022) – Barnard Pipeline