INGAA Foundation Toolkits

INGAA Foundation Youth Advocacy Toolkit

In an effort to produce consistent natural gas industry messaging for target audiences, the INGAA Foundation partnered with Charles Ryan Associates (CRA) to develop a versatile engagement presentation that can be used as a standalone deck or with physical printouts.  The presentation includes optional content depending on need as well as age-appropriate activities and videos that can be incorporated throughout. The media focuses on the following subjects: types of energy, natural gas, safety, jobs, and our energy future. These advocacy engagement tools can be used and delivered by industry employees serving as public advocates, and we welcome industry employees and the general public to download these tools for their own advocacy or general education use.

Agency Engagement and Outreach (AEO) Toolkit

The AEO Program builds on the strong agency relationships developed during the program’s predecessor efforts (FERC 201 Workshop Series). The goal of the Agency Engagement and Outreach (AEO) Program is to provide agency field staff throughout the country with educational and informational tools pertaining to natural gas pipeline system projects.  The items in this toolkit, which include four infographics and seven narrated videos, have been developed by industry experts to assist in this goal.