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Natural Gas: Critical to ensuring reliability of the electric grid

Natural gas is critical to ensuring… Read More

Report: Additional Natural Gas Infrastructure is Needed to Meet Energy Demand and Help Alleviate Increasing Energy Prices 

The United States has sufficient natural gas supply to meet growing… Read More

Natural Gas: Part of Our Climate Solution

Climate change is among the most critical issues of our time, requiring unprecedented collaboration between stakeholders to develop and implement innovative, sustainable, and practical solutions to address the issue. As companies integral to America’s… Read More

Report: Natural Gas Infrastructure Will Be Essential to Meet Decarbonization Goals

As part of its Low Carbon Resources Initiative, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and GTI… Read More

FERC Can Help Unlock Additional Natural Gas Supply for Domestic and Global Markets

Natural gas is not only critical to the United States’… Read More


Last week, INGAA President and CEO Amy Andryszak spoke at the United States… Read More

INGAA Infrastructure Insights

We are excited to launch our “INGAA Infrastructure Insights” series! In this new video series, you’ll learn more about the folks working hard behind the scenes at INGAA, who our member organizations are, and how we’re working to achieve our goals for the… Read More

Four Facts About the Proposed Tax on Natural Gas

Congress is considering a new tax on natural gas. Despite what supporters are saying,… Read More

WTAS: INGAA Unveils Climate Change Statement

  Last month, INGAA held a virtual roundtable, welcoming beltway and industry media to meet our new chairman, David Slater of DTE Midstream, and talk to INGAA subject matter experts on the important issues facing the interstate… Read More

FERC Explainer Part Two: The Agency Then and Now

In this segment of our FERC Explainer series, we take a closer look at the history of the Federal… Read More

Natural Gas Infrastructure Reliant and Resilient Amid Record-Breaking Hurricane Season

In 2020 fashion, this year brought a record-breaking hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean. With 30 named storms, 13 of which became hurricanes (and six of those a Category 3 or higher), 2020 quickly surpassed the infamous 2005 hurricane season. As the official season comes to a close, the… Read More

Working with Landowners to Build and Maintain our Nation�s Energy Infrastructure

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and its member companies are committed to… Read More

Public: What you Need to Know

Pipeline permitting predictability needed to promote energy security and economic stability

By Stanley Chapman III, Chairman, Interstate Natural Gas Association of America After a spring… Read More

PHMSA Safety Rules Ready for Update

Protecting the safety of employees, the environment and the communities in which we operate is the number one priority for… Read More

Call 811 Before You Dig so 911 is Not Needed

Call 811 Before You Dig so 911 is Not Needed One of the notable physical attributes of the U.S. Read More

Infrastructure Development in the Hands of U.S. Supreme Court

Infrastructure Development in the Hands of U.S. Supreme Court For the last several years, the Northeastern United States has experienced… Read More

Pipeline Operators Continue to Meet Critical Energy Needs in the Face of COVID-19

Wednesday, Alex Oehler, interim President and CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association (INGAA)… Read More