INGAA Foundation Youth Engagement Toolkit

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Youth Engagement Content Presentation

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Additional resources for youth engagement

Audiences: Elementary/Middle 

AGA Kids and Natural Gas Safety 

AGA created this video to help educate youth about the importance of natural gas safety in the home. The animated video, aimed at elementary and middle school aged children, explains which appliances use natural gas, how to identify a natural gas leak and what to do if a leak occurs. These key safety messages are not only critical to family and caregivers, but the next generation of utility customers. 

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Alliant Energy 

Consider your lesson plan, planned. Four standards-aligned teaching units take your middle schoolers through renewable energy, energy efficiency, home conservation and safety. They are inquiry-driven, hands-on, and designed to span multiple class periods. 

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Atlanta Gas Light Safe Digging Arcade 

Teach your kids gas safety at the interactive Safe Digging Arcade and access additional safety activities.  

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Be Kids Smart 

Pipeline safety for kids, made simple.  

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Energy For Everyone 

Evelyn and Trey are young engineers and scientists who love to learn about all types of energy. In this children’s book, they take readers on a journey to explore the different types of energy that power our world. Along the way, readers will learn about hydrocarbons, renewable energy sources, and sustainability. With the help of cool illustrations created using AI and keywords, readers will discover the amazing world of science and engineering. Through their adventures, they will teach readers about how energy can be harnessed from the sun, wind, and earth, and the importance of using energy wisely and efficiently to create a healthy “energy mix”. 

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Energy Kids (U.S. Energy Information Administration) 

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s website, Energy Kids, features more than 100 pages of fun educational content for kids, parents, and teachers. Kids can learn about energy and challenge their brains with energy Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, and the new “Energy Sliders” game. The site also features energy-related stories, hands-on activities, and research articles for the classroom. 

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Energy Safe Kids (National Energy Foundation)  

Energy Safe Kids (ESK) has a variety of program components and materials to help your organization build an effective strategy for energy safety. Natural gas and electricity use have become essential parts of our daily lives, but proper safety education is often not addressed until it is too late. ESK will help your organization reach a wide range of ages and audiences with safety messages that make homes, schools and neighborhoods more safe. Presentations, experiments and award-winning teaching materials all with the ability to be custom-branded, make ESK a great option for any organization looking to conduct safety outreach. 

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Inside Education 

Inside Education is Alberta’s largest environmental and natural resource education charity. Working from offices in Edmonton and Calgary, our mandate is to support K-12 schoolteachers across Alberta and inspire their students when it comes to working towards a balanced, sustainable future for our environment, economy, and society. 

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KidsCrue STEM Activity Winner 1 

89 Energy had children conduct experiments to understand surface tension using pennies and food coloring.  

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KidsCrue STEM Activity Winner 2 

Geologist STEM experiment discussing rock permeability and porosity

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KidsCrue STEM Activity Winner 3 

Stem experiment that highlights hydrostatic pressure when drilling an oil & gas well using M&M’s, Nerd clusters, Fondant, and Kool-Aid. 

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Kid Energy USA 

We believe the serious nature of safety practices at home and in the workplace should not affect the way we learn them. While maintaining a mindful approach to these very practices, Kid Energy USA implements educational tools that are fun, creative, and colorful. 

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National Energy Education Development  

NEED trains and assists teachers in harnessing the energy of the classroom – the energy of students. 


Oklahoma Oil and Natural Gas 

These lessons are brought to you by the people of Oklahoma Oil and Natural Gas. A Lesson Guide is provided for each lesson, making it easy for all ages to follow along. At the end of every Lesson Guide is a fun challenge to get the students involved, so let’s keep learning! 

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Okaloosa Gas District (GreenNology) 

We want to help you learn about how natural gas can positively impact you and your family, as well as the environment. 

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Safe And Smart 

Safe and Smart with Buddy Blue Flame is made available by CenterPoint Energy and is a great interactive website to learn about natural gas. Kids, teens, parents and teachers can visit the website to learn where natural gas comes from, how it is used and how to be safe and smart around it. 

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The Smalley Foundation 

The Smalley Foundation believes safety & awareness education is an important and powerful tool that empowers first responders, youth, educators and communities to assess risks and make safe decisions. 

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What Makes My Night Light Bright 

What Makes My Night Light Bright is a fun book written and illustrated by an engineer in the energy industry that explains the relevant energy sources we have here on Earth. 

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Wyoming Stewardship Program 

Developed by a collaborative team involving industry leaders and the Wyoming Department of Education, and written by Wyoming educators, our curriculum of elementary education lessons for grades 2-5 is designed to meet educational standards and cultivate a new generation of stewards for our state. 

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Audiences: Highschool/College  

Colorado Energy Conversation: Context for Classrooms & Our Neighbors 

Presentation from 2021 cover forms of energy we consume, products from oil and gas, and a classroom exercise.  

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Energy Ecosystem Foundation  

Engaging education on balancing energy and the environment. Free resource for teachers; aligned with high school social and science curricula; neutral and fact-based information; promotes critical thinking.  

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Kinder Morgan Energy Realties 

Solving for Climate Change and Human Development Starts with a Clear Understanding 
of the Facts. 

All forms of energy will continue to play a critical role in advancing global climate objectives, while also providing billions of people with access to affordable energy. This is a complex problem that cannot be solved with the flip of a switch, and hydrocarbons will remain critical for decades to come. 

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Student Energy 

Student Energy is a global youth-led organization empowering the next generation of leaders who are accelerating the transition to a sustainable, equitable energy future. We work with a network of 50,000 young people from over 120 countries to build the knowledge, skills, and networks they need to take action on energy. Student Energy collaborates with governments, companies, and organizations to facilitate meaningful youth engagement and mobilize resources to support youth-led energy solutions. 

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Switch Energy Alliance  

Switch Classroom is a completely free, video-based, online learning platform providing an unbiased, data-driven energy curriculum to teachers and students. 

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Ten Peaks 

Connecting our youth, energy, climate, and the environment. TenPeaks is a not-for-profit with a mission to engage, inspire, and educate Alberta’s youth about energy, the environment, and our climate and how they can play an essential role in the future of our province. 

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Audiences: All Ages  

AGA Playbook  

The American Gas Association Asset Library with facts for affordability, reliability, safety, environment and innovation.  

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American Public Gas Association 

American Public Gas Association natural gas facts on benefits and use.  

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Pipeline Association for Public Awareness  

The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness promotes open communication and cooperation with local organizations to enhance public safety, improve emergency preparedness, protect the environment and prevent damage to property and facilities. 

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Youth Perception of the Oil And Gas Industry (World Petroleum Council)  

World Petroleum Council (WPC) regularly surveys students’ and young professionals’ perceptions of the global Oil & Gas Industry. The Global WPC Youth Survey has become one of the WPC Young Professionals’ flagship initiatives. 

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