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Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day! This is the time to fire up the barbecue, spend time outside, and relax with family and friends while celebrating America’s birthday. It is also the time to reflect on everything America is built on, such as freedom, hard work and self-sustainability. While you’re enjoying the holiday… Read More

June is National Safety Month

It’s finally summer, and while you are enjoying fun in the sun, it’s still important to be safe. June has been National Safety Month, a time when thousands of organizations across the country focus on reducing leading causes of accidents at work, on the road and in communities.  The Department… Read More

National Infrastructure Week is Here!

This week, businesses, workers, elected leaders and everyday citizens will come together to observe National Infrastructure Week. The week focuses on one message: It’s time for America to build much-need infrastructure. Every business and organization in the U.S. depends on infrastructure, and… Read More

Make a Call to 811 Part of Your Springtime Digging Plans

With the arrival of spring, eager homeowners are gearing up to start outdoor digging projects. But before reaching for that shovel to start digging, remember to call 811, the national call-before-you-dig number, to ensure that buried… Read More

Infographic: The Powers Family and Natural Gas

Did you know that natural gas plays a daily role in all our lives?… Read More

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