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Record U.S. Natural Gas Production

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the deployment… Read More


The increased use of natural gas in the United States has been a catalyst… Read More

Energy Industry and Pipeline Safety Groups Joined by U.S. Senators in Support of Proposed PHMSA Gas Transmission Pipeline Safety Rule

On March 6, 2019, a bipartisan group of senators sent a letter to officials at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) advocating for the swift adoption of a proposed update to the… Read More

Lack of Natural Gas Infrastructure in New York

Throughout New York and New England,… Read More

Natural Gas Proved Resilient During Recent Cold Snap

At the end of January, substantial stretches of the country braced themselves for what turned out to be record-breaking cold temperatures. Schools and businesses closed, flights were cancelled, and some Midwesterners demonstrated that boiling water, when tossed from a stockpot, froze before hitting the ground. It was cold. Chicago… Read More

New England Should Stop Playing Russian Roulette with Its Energy Security

Across the United States, our abundant and available supply of natural gas is helping… Read More

The Perfectly Roasted Bean

Have you ever wondered why coffee beans are so aromatic and flavorful, or why some coffees taste different than others? have you ever wondered why some beans are light and others are dark? To answer those questions, start with the roasting process. The roasting process, necessary for beans to be… Read More

Natural Gas is an Integral Element of Portland�s Microbreweries

In an effort to #fuelyourwanderlust, we are traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast sharing famous landmarks and lesser-known treasures and showing how… Read More

National 811 Day: A Reminder to Call Before You Dig

811 Day is right around the corner! Tied to its calendar shorthand, National 811 Day highlights the importance of safe digging. Professional excavators, farmers and homeowners should call 811 every time they dig to ensure they have full knowledge of any pipelines or other underground utilities at or near their… Read More

Rainbow of Colors Keeps you Safe

We’ve all seen them – those little flags that stick out of the ground in a rainbow of colors indicating the presence of underground utilities. But did you know that each color signifies a different type of… Read More

Natural Gas: Fueling the Medical World

Americans made 990 million visits to a physician in 2015. If you made one of those visits, chances are your doctor used plastic instruments or prescribed you medicine in a plastic bottle. These items are everywhere in the medical world and would be far more difficult and more expensive… Read More

More than a Fuel: Pipelines Make It Possible

From fueling our stovetop flames to powering our lights, it's easy to see how… Read More

How Do Pipeline Companies Keep Pipelines Safe?

Have you thought about how natural… Read More

Reducing Carbon Footprints with Natural Gas

If you’ve recently zoomed down the highway in your car, heated your home, hopped on an airplane or had a steak, it’s likely you’ve left behind a carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the… Read More

Environmental stewardship: Saving Slippery Salamanders

Blog powered by INGAA member Williams. Williams’ partnership with West Liberty University to save a vulnerable species of salamander reached a milestone recently with the release of 12 of the reclusive amphibians back into their native habitat. The Eastern Hellbender Salamanders were raised from eggs by WLU and… Read More

Happy Earth Day!

Seven continents, five oceans, over 15 million square miles of forests and nearly nine million species of animals — these are the unique attributes that make up our Earth. It’s hard to celebrate our planet without thinking of its long-standing relationship with… Read More

Creating a 670-acre �rest stop� for an epic 2

Valley Crossing Pipeline, King Ranch team up to support Texas A&M-Kingsville’s monarch butterfly habitat project… Read More

Summer Vacation and Natural Gas

Summer time means cook-outs, days by the pool and family vacations. While you may have the dream vacation already planned for this summer, you can still take a moment to think about how those plans may not have been possible without… Read More

Protecting America�s Farmers with Pipeline Safety

America would not be where it is today without farmers and ranchers. They grow our food and crops that produce a variety of products that we use daily. According to the Common Ground… Read More