National Infrastructure Week is Here!

This week, businesses, workers, elected leaders and everyday citizens will come together to observe National Infrastructure Week. The week focuses on one message: It’s time for America to build much-need infrastructure.

Every business and organization in the U.S. depends on infrastructure, and energy infrastructure – the means to transport energy to market – is no different.

For example, natural gas pipelines play a crucial role in powering the economy. They not only deliver the natural gas that heats homes and generates electricity, they also create jobs and help Americans reduce energy costs. America needs more privately funded pipeline infrastructure to ensure safe and dependable delivery of natural gas to consumers across the country.

Recently, the American Petroleum Institute (API) reported that the switch to natural gas for power generation has reduced carbon emissions by 60 percent from 2005 to 2016. So, as the country moves forward with private investments in the natural gas and oil infrastructure, you can be assured that this investment will help sustain not only America’s energy leadership but also its environment.

And this is good for the economy too. “By 2035, if the right regulatory policies are in place, private investment could exceed $1.3 trillion for oil and natural gas infrastructure, and create more than 1 million jobs,” said Kyle Isakower, API vice president of regulatory and economic policy.

Energy infrastructure is a tremendous opportunity for America. Please show your support by posting on social media using #TimetoBuild.