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Proxy Group INGAA Reply Comments 9-19-07

In response to the Commission’s “Proposed Policy Statement,” issued on July 19, 2007, the Interstate… Read More

Composition of Proxy Companies for Determining Gas & Oil Pipeline Return on Equity INGAA Comments 8-30-07

On August 30, INGAA filed comments in Docket No. PL07-2 responding to the… Read More

Landowner Notification INGAA Comments 7-30-07

Pursuant to the Commission’s… Read More

NAESB Business Standards INGAA Rehearing 7-25-07

On October 25, 2006, the Commission issued a… Read More

Revisions to the Blanket Certificate Regulations and Clarification Regarding Rates INGAA Rehearing 7-23-07

Pursuant to Rules 203(a) and 713 of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure, 18… Read More

Transparency INGAA Comments 7-11-07

 In exercising its new legal authority to require greater transparency in natural gas… Read More

AGA v. FERC ROFR Joint Brief of Intervenors INGAA and DEGT Pipelines in Support of Respondent 2-22-05

INGAA and the DEGT Pipelines, the Intervenors in Support of Respondent (hereinafter “Intervenors”), adopt the… Read More

Standards of Conduct INGAA Reply Comments 4-30-07

Pursuant to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“… Read More

Form 2 INGAA Reply Comments 4-27-07

The Commission’s financial forms perform an important function by providing the… Read More

Capacity Release INGAA Comments 4-11-07

INGAA submitted a response to questions posed by the Commission, along with comments on… Read More

Standards of Conduct Initial Comments of INGAA 3-30-07

INGAA comments are in response to FERC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to establish new… Read More

Form 2 Initial Comments of the INGAA 3-28-07

Pursuant to the Commission’s “… Read More

Standards of Conduct Motion for Exention of Time 2-27-07

The Associations, on behalf of their respective members, submit a Motion to extend the period for filing initial comments for an additional 15 days until March 30, 2007, and to extend the period for filing reply comments for an additional 10 days until April 30, 2007 in the… Read More

Standards of Conduct Request for Expedited Clarification of INGAA 2-2-07

INGAA requests clarification or, in the alternative, rehearing of the FERC’s (… Read More

HIOS/Petal Gas Storage Reply Brief of Intervenor INGAA in Support of Petitioners 2-15-07

INGAA filed an intervener’s reply brief in the HIOS/Petal litigation in the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. INGAA argues that… Read More

HIOS/Petal Gas Storage Initial Brief of Intervenor INGAA in Support of Petitioners

INGAA argues that FERC departed from precedent in permitting use of lower-risk LDCs in the proxy group for setting Petitioners’ rates, and arbitrarily foreclosed use of… Read More

Standards of Conduct INGAA Request for Rehearing 12-29-03

While INGAA recognizes that the Commission has made efforts to meet certain of the… Read More

Standards for Business Practices INGAA Comments 12-18-06

Standards for Business Practices for Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines and Standards for Business Practices… Read More

Audit Matters INGAA Reply Comments 12-9-05

Pursuant to the Commission’s orders of October 20 and November 30, 2005, INGAA submits the… Read More

5 Income Tax Allowance Extension Motion

Pursuant to Rules 212 and 2008 of the Federal… Read More