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Underground Storage INGAA Comments 2-27-06

It is widely recognized that the… Read More

AGA v. FERC INGAA Show Cause Petition 2-17-05

INGAA’s filing of a “Petition for Clarification” with FERC while its petition for review was pending in this Court does not render the petition for review premature under this Court’s holdings in either Tennessee… Read More

Standards for Business Practices INGAA Comments 2-8-05

INGAA supports the Commission’s adoption of the standards proposed in the… Read More

Modification to Jurisdictional Review INGAA Comments 2-3-05

To INGAA’s knowledge, there is no current widespread Mobile-Sierra problem regarding the standard of review in the… Read More

Illinois-Northern Municipal v. FERC Motion to Intervene 1-20-06

Pursuant to section 15(d) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, and Circuit Rule 15(b), the Interstate… Read More

Accounting for Pipeline Assessment Costs Comments of the INGAA 1-19-05

The Office of Pipeline Safety, Research and Special Programs Administration of the Department of Transportation (“OPS”) issued regulations (68 Fed. Reg. 69778)(“Final Rule”) in… Read More

Standards for Business Practices of Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines Comments of INGAA 1-3-03

INGAA supports the Commission’s proposed adoption of the Version 1.6 Standards developed by the WGQ… Read More

Blanket Certificates Comments of INGAA 1-3-06

The Commission is proposing to repeal its code of conduct regulations for interstate… Read More

Standards of Conduct Request for Rehearing and Clarification of INGAA 12-29-03

While INGAA recognizes that the Commission has made efforts to meet certain of the… Read More

HIOS/Petal Gas Storage Reply Brief of Intervenor INGAA in Support of Petitioners 2-15-07

INGAA filed an intervener’s reply brief in the HIOS/Petal litigation in the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. INGAA argues that… Read More

HIOS/Petal Gas Storage Initial Brief of INGAA in Support of Petitioners 2-15-07

INGAA argues that FERC departed from precedent in permitting use of lower-risk LDCs in the proxy group for setting Petitioners’ rates, and arbitrarily foreclosed use of… Read More