Securing Our Future: Developing the Next Workforce – An Analysis of Risk and Recommended Strategies For the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry

The natural gas transmission industry faces a difficult challenge in maintaining an adequate technical workforce today and throughout the next decade.  This study assesses the risks to the industry’s workforce and knowledge assets resulting from the present level of internal company activities along with external factors. The analysis is based on data gathered from executives, managers, operations and human resource professionals within the natural gas transmission industry and secondary data sources. Recommended strategies are given for the INGAA Foundation and member companies to follow along with short-, medium- and long-term actions necessary to meet the workforce challenges.

The research presented reveals how critical addressing workforce issues is to the continued success of the natural gas pipeline industry – and how many natural gas companies often fail to consider adequately all of these issues in their planning. The study offers specific workforce strategies to consider and actions to take. Since these workforce issues affect every area of the industry and individual companies, from operations to human resources to company leadership and beyond, they must be – and deserve to be – examined from all perspectives and brought to the forefront of business planning.