Critical Skills Forecast For The Natural Gas Transmission Industry (F-2009-02)

This INGAA Foundation report forecasts the most critical skills for the natural gas pipeline industry workforce.  By identifying positions that are expected to be in short supply and critical functions in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of pipelines, this study locates the highest risk "intersections" of workforce and tasks — and gives the industry a place to focus efforts to enhance skill development methods and materials for these vital areas.

Executives in the industry have found that the recent (2009) weakened economy has reduced attrition of their workforces and increased supplies of skilled job applicants. However, these effects are expected to last only until the US economy recovers. At that time, a larger problem may be created by a bubble of attrition resulting from delayed retirements and workers feeling more confident in changing companies or industries.  An economic recovery will also lead to increased competition from industries that share workforce skills, especially non-residential construction and electric power generation.