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INGAA Comments on the PHMSA Draft Integrity Verification Process

  Based on its interpretations, INGAA offers the following high-level comments on PHMSA’s IVP proposal: MAOP verification and IM should not be combined into a single process. INGAA fully supports extending and improving IM. A single pressure test during a… Read More

Joint INGAA-AGA Letter Restating Comments on Automatic and Remote Valves and Leak Detection

  The attached joint letter from the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and… Read More

INGAA’s Comments on PHMSA’s Leak Detection Study Draft Research

INGAA Comments to PHMSA Revision to Gas Transmission Annual Report

INGAA Comments to PHMSA Damage Prevention Program

INGAA Comments to PHMSA Annual Report and Incident Report Docket

INGAA Comments to PHMSA on Leak and Valves Studies Mandated by the Pipeline Safety

INGAA Files Additional Pipeline Safety Ideas with DOT

INGAA Comments on Proposed Miscellaneous Changes to Pipeline Safety Regulations

INGAA’s comments respond to a “miscellaneous changes” proposed rule issued last November by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.  They also express concern over… Read More

INGAA Topic-by-Topic Comments on PHMSA’s ANPRM

The advance notice of proposed rulemaking in this… Read More

INGAA Comments to PHMSA on Pipeline Safety Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Visit the PHMSA docket to view and comment on the… Read More

INGAA Submission to PHMSA 2011-0127 “The State of the National Pipeline Infrastructure Report”

Interstate Natural Gas… Read More

Pipeline Safety: Pipeline Damage Prevention Programs Filing

On December 14, 2009 INGAA filed a letter of support and comments to docket number PHMSA-2009-0192 regarding… Read More

PHMSA “Standards Barrel” Filing

INGAA supports the proposed incorporation of updated consensus standards into 49 C.F.R. Part 192 (“Part 192”).  INGAA and its members participate in many of the committees responsible for developing these standards, and INGAA recognizes that the value of the consensus process cannot be fully… Read More

PHMSA’s One Rule Comments and Appendix A

INGAA appreciates PHMSA’s interest in improving its incident, infrastructure and performance database.  Consistent with this focus, the proposed definition of “incident” should be substantially modified to reflect the central role that risk plays in distinguishing incidents from other events.  INGAA urges a number of revisions, and specifically objects to the… Read More

INGAA Comments to Pipeline Safety: Workshop on Anomaly Assessment and Repair

INGAA would like to file the following information to docket PHMSA–2008–0255 in order to clarify the INGAA… Read More

Control Room Management INGAA Comments

On November 12, INGAA filed comments on PHMSA’s notice of proposed rulemaking proposing an extension of regulations that would govern control room management for… Read More

Pipeline Safety: Standards for Increasing Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure for Gas Transmission Pipelines

On May 19,  2008 INGAA submitted comments in response to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking ("… Read More