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Joint Association Comments to DOT on Notice of Review of Guidance

The American Gas Association (AGA)1 , American… Read More

Joint Comments in response to DOT’s Notice of Regulatory Review

The Associations (API, AGA, INGAA) and our members are deeply committed to continuing to improve… Read More

INGAA recommends new alternative to existing class location change regulations

INGAA on July 24 suggested new alternatives to the existing class-location change regulation in response to a request for information as the Department of Transportation reviews “existing… Read More

INGAA Submits Letter On Pipeline Safety

INGAA Comments on Incident and Annual Reports.pdfDownload… Read More

INGAA’s Comments on PHMSA’s Valves Study Draft Research

20121026_INGAA_Comments_Valves_(Final).pdfDownload… Read More

INGAA Comments to Pipeline Safety: Public Comment on Leak and Valve Studies Mandated by the Pipeline Safety

20120504 INGAA Comments (Final).pdfDownload… Read More

Submission by Interstate Natural Gas Association of America to “The State of the National Pipeline Infrastructure – A Preliminary Report”

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of American (INGAA) is a trade association representing approximately… Read More

TSA Pipeline Operator Security Information Comments

On September 28, 2009, INGAA filed comments addressing the Transportation Security Administration’s proposal to solicit contact information and establish a voluntary incident reporting program as part of… Read More