Submission by Interstate Natural Gas Association of America to “The State of the National Pipeline Infrastructure – A Preliminary Report”

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of American (INGAA) is a trade association representing approximately twooâ€thirds of the nation’s transmission pipelines and 90 percent of interstate pipelines. The INGAA membership consists of 26 different pipeline companies. There are approximately 300,000 miles of natural gas transmission pipelines in America, delivering one quarter of the nation’s energy.
In December 2010, INGAA’s board of directors established a boarddâ€level task force to pursue further improvements in the industry’s safety performance and expand public confidence in the natural gas pipeline infrastructure. INGAA’s commitment aligns with DOT Secretary LaHood’s call to action that produced the April 18, 2011 National Pipeline Safety Forum. INGAA’s transmission company members will participate actively in responding to the secretary’s challenge. One of the forums INGAA will use for this response and dialogue with pipeline safety stakeholders is the filings in this Docket.