America’s Natural Gas Pipeline Network

Pipelines transport natural gas from producers to consumers, providing critical energy needed to heat our homes, cook our food, fuel our factories, and generate electricity. Natural gas is a domestically produced, affordable, and foundational fuel source that the U.S. will rely on for decades to come, and natural gas and its related infrastructure are critical to a reliable, secure, and affordable clean energy future.

Delivering Clean Energy for the Future

About Pipelines

Pipelines are the safest, most reliable, and most affordable way to deliver natural gas to consumers across the country. Pipelines work like a clean energy highway that moves natural gas from where it is produced to where it is consumed. Approximately one-third of energy consumed in the U.S. travels through natural gas infrastructure. We make safety our first priority on each and every project to ensure a safe and reliable energy highway.


INGAA Statement on National Petroleum GHG and Hydrogen Studies

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, May 2, 2024—Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) President & CEO Amy Andryszak today released the following statement regarding the National…

Fact Sheet: Who Regulates Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines


INGAA applauds House E&C Leadership for advancing Pipeline Safety Reauthorization

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, United States — Amy Andryszak, President & CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), released the following statement regarding…

INGAA urges renewed focus on permitting reform for energy infrastructure

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, March 14, 2024 –

As we near the end of the first quarter of 2024, INGAA urges Congress to enact energy infrastructure permitting reforms this year. Natural gas…

INGAA applauds nomination of new FERC Commissioners

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, February 29, 2024 – Amy Andryszak, President & CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) issued the following statement upon the White…

INGAA Congratulates Commissioner Phillips on Appointment to FERC Chairman

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, February 9, 2024—Amy Andryszak, President & CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), issued the following statement regarding the…

INGAA members have committed to a variety of actions to assure they remain responsible, safe and productive members of the communities in which they work. In these commitments, members pledge to use technology and best practices to reach goals in areas such as safety, security and environmental impact.

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