INGAA Voluntary Winter Preparation Commitments

INGAA members recognize the importance and value of dependable natural gas deliveries to our customers, especially during cold weather periods. Whether they seek affordable natural gas for home heating, to fuel essential power generation, or to support local industries, our customers count on interstate natural gas pipelines for reliable, firm natural gas storage and transportation.

To ensure safe and reliable service, INGAA members voluntarily undertake pre-winter preparation activities, as listed below. These activities are a baseline; the list does not reflect all activities that INGAA members may undertake as part of their winter preparations. Depending on the geographic region or staffing structure, some of these activities may not be appropriate for a given facility.

Operators’ execution of these activities helps ensure existing natural gas pipeline systems can meet the contracted needs of our customers, especially during extreme weather events. Winter preparations alone, however, will not be sufficient to meet the United States’ future energy needs. Ultimately, the country needs more natural gas infrastructure to meet the growing need for energy reliability.