Waste Heat Recovery

INGAA Board members and INGAA staff met with Commissioner Wellinghoff on March 27 at FERC to discuss INGAA’s white paper on the feasibility of constructing pipeline compressor engine waste heat recovery facilities for electric generation.  The INGAA white paper states that interstate pipelines are open to exploring building such facilities, which would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so long as developers can assure that their projects will not increase costs for pipeline shippers or result in a degradation of pipeline service or equipment.  According to the white paper, while FERC pipeline certificate and ratemaking policy are not impediments to the development of such facilities, compelling pipelines to analyze the feasibility of such facilities is not appropriate at the initial design state or during the Commission’s formal certificate processes.  In the meeting with Commissioner Wellinghoff, INGAA Board members discussed incentives, ratemaking policies and other steps that the Commission could take to reduce the barriers for interstate pipeline companies to own and operate such facilities as part of the regulated business.

This matter was discussed as part of the March 28th Board conference call.  The Waste Heat Recovery Task Force was asked to work on some questions from the Commissioner about other possibilities for achieving greater efficiency on interstate pipelines and about how a feasibility study on the potential for energy efficiency could be made part of the certificate process.