Two New INGAA Foundation Reports Released in December

 The INGAA Foundation has released two new reports in the month of December:

Planning Guidelines for Pipeline Construction during Frozen Conditions recommends best practices for winter season pipeline construction.  The guidelines presented draw from the experience and leading best practices of the INGAA Foundation membership, interviews with industry practitioners (e.g., contractors, environmental inspectors and regulators), and reviews of construction plans for projects built during frozen conditions.

Technical, Operational, Practical, and Safety Considerations of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Existing Pipelines examines the safety, operating, environmental and community liaison challenges that surround hydrostatic pressure tests. The paper addresses these matters by providing technical, operational, practical and safety guidance in the planning, design and execution of hydrostatic pressure tests of existing pipelines.  It is directed toward natural gas transmission pipeline operators and other industry stakeholders interested in understanding the challenges and means of successfully conducting hydrostatic pressure tests of existing pipelines, especially in densely populated areas.