Tell Washington to Support Natural Gas Jobs

American workers are the backbone of this country and keep our economy thriving. The natural gas industry plays a major role in, over 4 million U.S. jobs That number will continue to grow — by 2040, the U.S. natural gas industry will employ over more than 5 million Americans. This continued growth means more available jobs for our nation while the nation moves toward greater energy independence.

In addition, it provides over $37 billion worth of gas-related exports that includes both natural gas itself and the products created using natural gas, like plastics. This figure, estimated to grow by around 3.6 percent annually, helps improve our nation’s trade deficit, and promotes clean energy in other areas of the world. Affordable natural gas is revitalizing the nation’s manufacturing industry, and bringing jobs that had been sent overseas back to America.

Without our unified voice, political interests can hamper a policy framework that encourages natural gas development, transportation and use. It is important that we stand with our fellow Americans in support of natural gas jobs.