Status of Waste Heat to Power Projects on Natural Gas Pipelines

This report, “Status of Waste Heat to Power Projects on Natural Gas Pipelines,” (Status Report) prepared by ICF International, provides an update to INGAA’s February 2008 white paper entitled “Waste Energy Recovery Opportunities for Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines.” 

The Status Report provides: (1) a summary of existing and announced waste heat recovery to power projects on North American pipeline compressor station; (2) a review of current market drivers and incentives, and a discussion of recent market activity; and (3) a review of current and potential project participants, including pipelines, technology suppliers, and developers/operators.

The Status Report confirms the 2008 white paper’s conclusions that “[c]ompressor heat recovery projects are being developed where and when siting is feasible and where there is a compelling business case for investing in such projects.” The Status Report notes that waste heat to power projects are increasing in the United States and Canada – nine of the fifteen existing waste heat facilities were commissioned since release of the 2008 report. An additional ten projects have been publicly-announced.