Natural Gas Council Encourages Industry Partnership with Biden Administration on American and EU Energy Security


With rising geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the Natural Gas Council today wrote to President Joseph R. Biden offering the natural gas industry’s support and collaboration with the administration to leverage our domestic natural gas resources to meet the energy needs of our European allies and trading partners while continuing to provide the affordable and reliable energy that Americans rely on every day. The full letter is available here, with excerpts below:

“Our industry’s ability to support Europe during this crisis is no accident.  It was enabled by American innovation and federal and state policies that welcomed natural gas infrastructure investment.  Our domestic shale revolution and private investment in United States natural gas infrastructure has allowed our nation to lead the world in LNG exports—exports that have a lower emissions intensity than many of Europe’s other suppliers.

“However, the United States is not immune to future challenges—like those now facing Europe—if we are unable to continue growing and modernizing our natural gas system.  Europe has discouraged natural gas development in recent years and the consequences are now clear—restricting natural gas threatens energy affordability and reliability in the near-term and hinders climate goals in the long-term.  We cannot let the United States follow that same path.  We reject a false choice between developing America’s abundant natural gas resources and achieving our climate goals.  We urge you to pursue federal policies that reflect your campaign statements on the importance of natural gas and your recent statement on European energy security.” 


The Natural Gas Council was formed in 1992, uniting all sectors of the natural gas industry to work together toward common goals.  The five full members of the Council — the American Gas Association, the American Petroleum Institute, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, the Independent Petroleum Association of America and the Natural Gas Supply Association — collectively represent nearly all the companies that produce, transport and distribute natural gas consumed in the United States.  Leadership of the NGC rotates annually.