Natural Gas and the Culinary World

Natural gas is a natural in the kitchen. Most professional chefs choose natural gas as the fuel source for their restaurant kitchen over alternative methods like electric stoves.

Natural gas provides even heating for stoves and ovens while also allowing for temperature control when baking and cooking. The instant on/off settings also make cooking easier and more efficient. It reduces the amount of time spent cooking, which pleases hungry patrons and families and reduces overall fuel consumption. Newer models of natural gas equipment also use electronic spark ignition, which can save around 30 percent on energy costs.

Natural gas also helps make the stainless-steel cookware used in many restaurant kitchens. About 40 percent of steel input cost is attributed to energy, and natural gas provides an affordable option for this. The use of natural gas in the process of making stainless-steel products has lowered production cost. This has led to increasing competition in the steel industry, giving consumers better price options.

After the food is prepared, natural gas still plays an important role outside of the kitchen. It heats the dining area to provide a comfortable environment, especially in the chilly winters. It can also power the electric plants that provide air conditioning to the restaurants in scorching hot summers. Natural gas provides temperature control at a lower cost to consumers, which helps restaurant owners  save money.

Whether it’s cooking food or providing a comfortable atmosphere, natural gas is the sous chef in every kitchen team. If you haven’t already, be sure the check out Cooking with Gas to learn about how different chefs all over the country use natural gas and get some delicious recipes.