Letter to Rahall

May 22, 2007

The Honorable Nick J. Rahall
Committee on Natural Resources
U.S. House of Representatives
1324 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

 Dear Chairman Rahall:

The Independent Petroleum Association of America, Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, and Natural Gas Supply Association represent the exploration, production, and interstate transportation sectors of the natural gas industry. We have collectively advocated a renewed focus on American natural gas supply development, in order both to mitigate escalating prices and to respond to the nation’s ongoing demand for natural gas, which will only increase as Congress takes steps to address climate change.

With this in mind, IPAA, INGAA, and NGSA must respectfully oppose HR 2337, the “Energy Policy Reform and Revitalization Act,” which would be a step backward for American natural gas supply development at just the time when the country needs new natural gas resources the most. Title I of the bill would repeal or eviscerate a number of key measures that were enacted in 2005 in order to facilitate new natural gas supply and infrastructure development. Similarly, Title II would impose burdensome requirements, redundant surface owner provisions, and a complex water plan that would be extremely difficult to implement. We have no doubt that the provisions in both Title I and Title II would move significant and much-needed natural gas supplies out-of-reach, while making it more difficult to build new pipeline infrastructure.

Environmentally responsible natural gas development will almost certainly play a critical role in meeting the nation’s energy security, economic and clean-air goals during the foreseeable future, but only if we can obtain the access and investment levels needed to meet demand. Otherwise, we will continue to export U.S. manufacturing jobs to those countries with more competitive natural gas costs, while also restricting our potential to grow the overall economy and shrink America’s carbon footprint.

We urge you to reconsider the elements of your bill that will serve to make the nation less secure by actually discouraging new energy supply, and pledge to work with you on legislation that balances the environment and America’s future energy needs.

Barry Russell

President, IPAA

Skip Horvath

President, NGSA

Don Santa
President, INGAA