Joint Association Pipeline Reliability Letter

Dear Chairman Pallone, Ranking Member Rodgers, Chairman Rush, and Ranking Member Upton:

The undersigned trade associations, representing nearly all aspects of energy pipeline operations that serve customers reliably across North America, write to share our perspective on pipeline reliability and specifically H.R. 6084, the Energy Product Reliability Act. We share the Committee’s focus on ensuring that U.S. energy transportation is safe, reliable, and affordable. However, we are concerned that proposals to create a new, additional pipeline reliability regulator fail to reflect pipelines’ proven reliability record and risk duplicating and conflicting with existing federal and state agency regulatory authorities and programs. H.R. 6084 will not enhance pipeline reliability—on the contrary, it risks impairing and complicating ongoing efforts to protect pipelines against cyber threats. Our organizations stand ready to work constructively with the Committee to identify productive opportunities to enhance existing federal agencies’ regulatory and nonregulatory initiatives to promote the reliability of America’s energy system.

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