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INGAA urges action on permitting reform citing Natural Gas Council letter

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, United States, May 2, 2023 – Amy Andryszak, President & CEO of the Interstate… Read More

Natural Gas Council letter to Senate leadership on permitting reform

May 1, 2023 The Honorable Joe Manchin ChairmanCommittee on… Read More


Natural gas pipelines are the critical infrastructure that moves one-third of the energy consumed daily in the United States. INGAA member companies understand how vital it is for this transportation network and the computer systems that operate it to be secure, reliable, and resilient. Read More

INGAA Comments on FERC NOPR on Cybersecurity Incentives for Electric Utilities

The Federal… Read More

INGAA board of directors affirms commitment to secure

The members of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America are committed to ensuring… Read More


The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America joined a coalition of oil and… Read More

INGAA joins information-sharing group to enhance sector�s physical

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Tuesday joined the… Read More

INGAA Comments on DHS ANPR: Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards

General Regulatory Approach: In the ANPRM, DHS asks “whether or not commenters think that deletions, additions or modification to the list of exempt facilities should be considered.” 79 Fed. Reg. at 48695. When it enacted the CFATS enabling legislation, Congress was clear that CFATS regulations shall apply to chemical facilities… Read More