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Guidelines for Parallel Construction of Pipelines

These guidelines were developed using a consensus process by a work group formed by Foundation members. The guidelines draw upon the experience and leading practices of the full breadth of INGAA Foundation members as well as practices used throughout the industry, including the Common Ground… Read More

Guidelines for Parallel Construction of Pipelines

We are in a period of increased pipeline construction activity that is expected to continue through 2011, and possibly beyond. The… Read More

Pipeline Safety

Most of you will remember that last year’s Pipeline Safety Act reauthorization included a provision requiring PHMSA to report back to Congress within 60… Read More

Pipeline Safety Update

INGAA is continuing to negotiate with PHMSA on generic technical criteria for raising the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) of new and recent vintage pipelines.  These criteria will use the presently available PHMSA waiver authority to grant special permits to individual… Read More