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INGAA statement on Biden administration move to halt reviews of LNG export terminals

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 26, 2024 – Amy Andryszak, President & CEO of the Interstate… Read More

Report: Additional Natural Gas Infrastructure is Needed to Meet Energy Demand and Help Alleviate Increasing Energy Prices 

The United States has sufficient natural gas supply to meet growing… Read More


Natural gas touches everyone’s lives, often in ways that people aren’t aware of. While most people think of their furnaces and stoves when they hear the term “natural gas,” the fuel heats homes, generates 30 percent of the nation’s electricity, is a key component of the fertilizer that helps grow our crops, and is used by manufacturers to make a wide range of products, such as trash bags, lipstick, and toys. Pipelines make the use of natural gas possible by delivering the gas safely and reliably across the country. Read More

North American Midstream Infrastructure Through 2035 – A Secure Energy Future Report

This study assesses midstream natural gas infrastructure needs through 2035 and includes an… Read More

Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Efficiency

  This white paper, Interstate Natural Gas… Read More

Alternative Transportation Fuels: Natural Gas Implications

The INGAA Foundation, Inc. retained BBI International (BBI) to analyze the natural gas implications… Read More

Unconventional Natural Gas : Availability

This report forecasts that North American unconventional natural gas recoverable… Read More

Waste Heat Recovery Opportunities for Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines

This white paper, Waste Heat Opportunities for Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines, prepared for INGAA… Read More