INGAA Website Redesign

Since the beginning of the year, INGAA, working with input from several member companies, began working with Diamax Information Services to redesign and implementation of a new INGAA website.  Diamax was asked to review INGAA’s current web content, analyze website traffic statistics, interview staff, review INGAA’s business processes, strategic planning documents, and information recourses to complete a website performance review.  Based on this informed discovery process, Diamax developed an assessment and functionality specification document that can be used as the basis for a request for proposal to build-out the site.  The document provides detailed recommendations for the website including site design, navigation design, and strategic decision-making during and after this project.  In addition, Diamax laid out a new interface and navigational structure for the INGAA website.

Diamax has completed their review and the full report is available for your review.  As it is a rather large file, we have uploaded it to our website.