INGAA Supports NEPA Reform

Proposed rule by the Council on Environmental Quality an Important Step in Restoring the Intent of NEPA

Don Santa, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, issued the following statement in response to the White House Council on Environmental Quality proposed rules on the implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act:

“The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is an important law that is intended to ensure good public policy and informed decision-making.  However, since the law passed 50 years ago, the corresponding NEPA regulations have not undergone a significant review. The lack of clarity in the existing NEPA regulations has led courts to fill the gaps, spurring costly litigation, and has led to unclear expectations, which has caused significant and unnecessary delays for infrastructure projects across the country. The Council on Environmental Quality's proposed rule is an important step in restoring the intent of NEPA by ensuring that federal agencies focus their attention on significant impacts to the environment that are relevant to their decision-making authorities. Restoring efficiency in the NEPA review process will enhance safety, improve environmental outcomes, and ultimately deliver cost benefits to consumers.”

NOTE: To view INGAA’s comments in response to the Council on Environmental Quality’s request for comment on potential revisions to its regulations concerning the National Environmental Policy Act, click here.