INGAA supports Infrastructure Week

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America today announced its support for Infrastructure Week, a national advocacy and educational event, taking place May 16-23. Across the country, businesses, labor organizations, elected officials and others will join to educate citizens and policymakers on how #InfrastructureMatters to their businesses and jobs, communities, health and safety and daily lives.

Pipelines are a critical piece of the nation’s energy infrastructure. The 200,000 miles of interstate natural gas transmission pipelines are the indispensable link between North America’s abundant, domestic natural gas supplies and the consumers – including homes, businesses, industries and power plants – that use that gas every day.

Strong, resilient infrastructure is critical to our country’s economic growth and vitality. Pipeline operators are working every day to ensure safe, reliable transportation of natural gas. Many INGAA members are constructing new pipelines – or expanding or reconfiguring their systems – to allow more gas to flow to consumers.

“It’s important that policymakers and the public understand the important role that natural gas pipelines play in improving our quality of life, the environment and the health of our economy, and that new projects will make these benefits even more widespread,” said INGAA President and CEO Don Santa. “We also think it’s important to educate them that that these important infrastructure projects are funded with private investment and not taxpayer dollars.”

America’s natural gas infrastructure also enables job creation, not only in the energy sector, but also in the manufacturing sector, where natural gas is used as an input for many products, ranging from clothes to medicines to fertilizer.

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