INGAA submits comments to FERC regarding business practices for interstate natural gas pipelines

INGAA filed comments on August 24, 2015 in support of the Commission’s proposal to amend its regulations to incorporate by reference Version 3.0 of the business practices standards adopted by the Wholesale Gas Quadrant (WGQ) of the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB). The standards incorporate the use of proprietary pipeline “location codes” in various Commission regulations to identify receipt and delivery points on pipeline systems and discontinue the use of “industry common codes” that were supported by a third-party provider.  The standards require pipelines to maintain their location codes on their public websites.  
INGAA offered suggested modifications to the Commission’s proposed and existing regulations to ensure that the Commission uses the term “location codes” consistently across its regulations.  INGAA requested that the Commission provide a discrete section in its regulations for its location code posting requirement.  This would allow the Commission to reference back to this new posting requirement in its other regulations that use the term “location codes” and help ensure that “location codes” are used consistently across pipeline reports and postings. 

To read the comments in their entirety, please see the attachment above.