INGAA Statement on Vice President Biden�s Clean Energy Plan


INGAA Statement on Vice President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America issued the following statement on the release of Vice President Biden’s clean energy plan:

“America needs new energy infrastructure investments to grow our economy and continue the environmental progress we have made over the past decade. With roughly one-third of America’s energy needs currently met by natural gas, and most credible projections showing that trend continuing for decades to come, any serious plan to address global climate change must include natural gas as a foundational fuel for sustained environmental progress.  

“New technologies and strategic investments in energy infrastructure have unlocked nearly a century’s worth of domestic natural gas supplies, which has spurred hundreds of billions of dollars of new investments in American manufacturing and infrastructure and the high-paying jobs that accompany it.

“The natural gas story in our country and across the globe is much more than one of economic and employment growth. Increased use of natural gas was the single biggest factor in reducing U.S. CO2 emissions from the electricity sector between 2005 and 2018, and natural gas has served as a reliable partner when it comes to increased deployment of renewable power sources.

“As utilities add more renewable power generation to the grid, flexible and affordable natural gas generation and the associated pipeline infrastructure will only become more important for grid stability and protecting households from higher energy costs. Without new natural gas infrastructure, the widespread adoption of renewables will be slower, more complex and more expensive, which in turn will lead to higher emissions.  INGAA will continue to work with policymakers from both parties in pursuit of a cleaner energy future that puts the unique advantages of natural gas to good use.”