INGAA president pleased with FERC�s timely action on cost recovery

Don Santa, president and CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, today lauded the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s expedited cost recovery policy. 

“We are pleased that FERC has recognized the importance of allowing pipelines expedited rate recovery for both voluntary and required one-time capital costs associated with modernizing pipeline facilities. With looming environmental and safety regulations, this administration’s call for voluntary initiatives to reduce methane emissions and the industry’s commitment to reach zero pipeline safety incidents, FERC’s action was both timely and rational. The new policy will allow pipelines the ability to recover costs associated with modernizing their facilities and infrastructure to enhance the efficient and safe operation of their systems while at the same time providing ratepayer protections.  INGAA’s member pipelines are committed to working collaboratively with their customers to develop cost-recovery mechanisms that meet the five standards identified by FERC.”