INGAA pleased to join Global Natural Gas Coalition as a founding member

Over a dozen organizations and companies, including the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, today announced the formation of the Global Natural Gas Coalition. The new alliance will work to promote the benefits of natural gas as a foundational fuel for economic growth and prosperity worldwide.

A coalition launch event, held at the National Press Club, brought together coalition members to discuss the benefits of natural gas and included remarks from Under Secretary of Energy with the U.S. Department of Energy Mark Menezes and Mark Zoback, Director of Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative.

“INGAA is proud to join the Global Natural Gas Coalition. American consumers have recognized enormous benefits from clean, affordable, domestic natural gas, including lower utility bills, lower costs of products made from natural gas and cleaner air," said Don Santa, President and CEO of INGAA. "Pipelines are how natural gas is transported both within the United States and to LNG export terminals, a growing market for natural gas. This ability to transport and export some of our abundant natural gas will reap benefits for the U.S. economy, help our trade balance, and also provide to global consumers the many benefits of natural gas that American consumers already enjoy. “

“The world is in the midst of a fundamental energy transformation where natural gas will be the foundational fuel for economic prosperity throughout the world,” said Dennis V. Arriola, chief strategy officer and executive vice president for Sempra Energy and founding member of the Coalition. “Our Global Natural Gas Coalition brought together groups and individuals to show our strength and provide a voice for natural gas and the many benefits it provides.”

“With natural gas leading the way, the energy revolution in America has created millions of jobs and billions in economic growth while also increasing our geopolitical standing and reducing air emissions,” said Karen A. Harbert, CEO & president of the Global Energy Institute, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The Global Energy Institute at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is proud to help launch the Global Natural Gas Coalition to highlight the benefits of US natural gas meeting the growing energy needs of countries’ around the world.”

“LIUNA’s half-million members – who have worked over 80 million hours in the pipeline industry in the last five years – are proud to join the Global Natural Gas Coalition to promote the use of natural gas as a safe and affordable fuel to meet the world’s energy needs,” said Yvette Pena-O’Sullivan, Executive Director, Laborer’s International Union of North America.

Investments in natural gas development, distributions systems, pipelines, storage, and LNG infrastructure helps create new jobs and advance changes that improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gases. Globally, natural gas provides a safe, reliable, and low-cost energy supply. It helps emerging economies grow, reducing poverty and improving healthcare. Natural gas fuels us today and will further promote the use of increased renewable and efficient energy use in the future.