INGAA launches America’s Energy Link campaign

In recognition of the increased level of natural gas pipeline development across the United States, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and the INGAA Foundation, its research arm, launched a nationwide campaign to help educate American consumers about the benefits of natural gas and natural gas pipelines. 

“America’s Energy Link will provide valuable information about pipelines and natural gas, including materials about safety and the environment,” said INGAA President and CEO, Don Santa. “We hope to educate Americans about the tangible benefits natural gas brings to their quality of life every day.  America’s Energy Link, also will serve as a springboard for those who want to learn more about natural gas pipelines and be part of the conversation going forward, whether that be with a  federal regulator on a specific project or sharing with their local communities, family or friends. “ 
To learn more about the campaign and access information about natural gas and pipelines, visit