INGAA lauds panel passage of pipeline rights of way bill

Martin Edwards, vice president of legislative affairs, of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, today lauded the House Resource Committee for advancing  H.R. 2295, a bill to amend the Minerals Leasing Act allow natural gas pipelines to be treated like other infrastructure – including electric lines,  water lines and communications facilities – when traversing lands administered by the National Park Service.  The committee vote was 21 to 15.
“We appreciate the determination of Rep. Tom MacArthur and Chairman Rob Bishop in moving this important legislation forward.  H.R. 2295 allows the Department of the Interior to make decisions on its own regarding natural gas pipeline rights of way, without case-by-case permission from Congress.  Congress should not be in the position of permitting individual pipelines, yet that is the case under current law.  This legislation is premised on the idea that the Department of the Interior is capable of making balanced and responsible choices with respect to the lands it manages, and that natural gas pipelines should be treated like other infrastructure.  INGAA urges passage of H.R. 2295.”