INGAA-IPAA-NGSA Letter Opposing House Energy Bill – August 2007

INGAA along with IPAA and NGSA, expressed their opposition to HR3221 and HR2776 in a letter written to Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representative.  These bills profess a focus on energy independence; yet, their impact on American natural gas production and infrastructure development will make our nation’s supply of energy even less secure.

Title VII of HR 3221 would repeal or eviscerate a number of key measures that were enacted in 2005 to facilitate new natural gas supply and infrastructure development.  It would impose burdensome
requirements, redundant surface owner provisions, and a complex water plan that would be extremely difficult to implement.  HR 2776 – the tax component of the House energy legislation – will directly reduce investment in American natural gas production.

INGAA and the other natural gas trade associations urged Speaker Pelosi to reconsider the elements of this legislation that will make the nation less secure by discouraging new American energy supply, and pledge to work with you on legislation that more appropriately balances the environment and America’s future energy needs.