INGAA Foundation Names New Executive Director

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, May 1, 2024 –

The INGAA Foundation announced at the 2024 INGAA and INGAA Foundation Spring Meeting that Hebe Shaw has been promoted to the role of Executive Director, effective April 1, 2024.

As Executive Director, Ms. Shaw will be responsible for managing the Foundation’s day-to-day operations, including implementing its strategic plan and oversight of the Foundation’s research studies and projects[HS1] .  She will also lead the development and execution of the Foundation’s meetings and workshops.

Ms. Shaw, who has been with the INGAA Foundation since 2015, brings to the role years of experience in operations, logistics, budget management, meeting planning, and special project management, as well as an acute knowledge of the Foundation’s membership and appreciation for the organization’s mission and vision.

“After a long and thorough recruiting process, I am thrilled that Hebe has assumed the role of Executive Director of the INGAA Foundation. She is well poised to apply her knowledge of our industry and our membership to lead the Foundation in its mission to aid its members in developing safe, affordable, reliable, clean energy solutions,” said Amy Andryszak, President of the INGAA Foundation.

“I am excited and humbled to take on this new role,” said Ms. Shaw. “I look forward to taking on new responsibilities and overseeing our membership as we implement our updated mission and vision.”

During her tenure with the Foundation, Ms. Shaw oversaw dozens of meetings, events, and workshops, developed and launched a sponsorship program targeted to increase revenue for the organization, guided numerous non-technical projects, and led the first-ever Service Provider Safety Culture Survey in 2021. She also established, maintained, and enhanced relationships with the Foundation’s members and key stakeholders.

“The INGAA Foundation is very fortunate to have a champion like Hebe taking on the role of Executive Director,” said INGAA Foundation Chair Sean Nicholson. “She is uniquely qualified to lead our members as we look to further our mission of creating and maintaining a safe and reliable natural gas pipeline and complementary clean energy infrastructure to serve the energy needs of North America and the world.  Her passion for and commitment to the success of the Foundation and our members shines through in everything she does for us!”

Prior to joining the Foundation, Ms. Shaw managed city-wide events at a trade association in DC and previously held positions in non-profit higher education. Ms. Shaw is trilingual and holds an MBA in Project Management and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.


Formed in 1990 by the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, the INGAA Foundation facilitates the safe, efficient, reliable, and environmentally responsible design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the North American natural gas transmission system. The INGAA Foundation is regarded as the premier organization to represent and convene the full value chain of natural gas infrastructure to advance its delivery and explore complementary clean energy solutions for the benefit of the consuming public, the economy, and the environment.