INGAA Fly-In Meetings

Given the activity this spring and summer on energy and climate change legislation, INGAA has scheduled a member “fly-in” to meet with policymakers on May 15 and 16.   The appointments are still coming together, but we can expect meetings with approximately 12 Members of Congress.  INGAA has reached out to NGSA and suggested that they join us since we have similar messages on the importance of natural gas in the climate change debate.  In addition, NGSA has suggested a day of follow-up meetings with policymakers in mid-July; we will look to schedule this additional round of meetings on or about July 18.  Our main messages for Congress will be:

  1. the importance of natural gas as a “bridge fuel” for the U.S. during the initial decades of a GHG reduction program;

  2. given its importance, natural gas production and use should not be artificially restricted by Congress; and

  3. further natural gas supply development will be critical to meeting the nation’s energy and environmental goals.