INGAA files comments with FERC on gas-electric integration

WASHINGTON— Don Santa, president and CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, today released the following statement on comments filed by INGAA March 30 with FERC on gas-electric integration issues:

 “We appreciate the opportunity to share our views with FERC on the increasingly important topic of natural gas-electric power integration. The natural gas industry has served the electricity markets reliably for years. We believe we will continue to do so even as gas-fired generation grows in the coming decades as generators recognize the significant opportunities natural gas provides for generating lower cost and more environmentally friendly power. Natural gas is abundant, thanks to revolutionary drilling technological advances that have unlocked abundant shale gas supplies, and pipelines have a proven track record of delivering natural gas safely and reliably.

 “Still, we believe now is the time to begin a focused, dedicated dialogue in each region of the country to address how the increasing demand for natural gas for electric generation may affect electric power reliability. We urge FERC to work with all stakeholders, including NERC, state officials, power generators, RTOs/ISOs and Planning Authorities to answer the key question: What level of firm natural gas transportation service is required to ensure each region’s acceptable level of electric reliability?

 “INGAA is confident that with FERC’s leadership, the electric power industry can ensure a continued high level of electric reliability at a reasonable cost. The interstate natural gas pipeline industry stands ready to meet the market demand and continue to offer pipeline transportation services to meet the dynamics of an expanding electric power generation market.”