INGAA Congratulates DC PSC Chairman Willie L. Phillips on Anticipated Nomination for FERC Commissioner


Amy Andryszak, President and CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), issued the following statement on President Biden’s intent to nominate Willie L. Phillips, the current Chairman of the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia, to serve as a commissioner for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC):

“INGAA appreciates the Biden Administration’s work to fill the FERC vacancy as we firmly believe the Commission functions best when it employs a full complement of five commissioners. As an independent regulatory agency, FERC plays a critical role in ensuring our nation has a robust and reliable energy transportation network to provide Americans with safe, reliable, and secure access to electricity, natural gas, and transportation fuels.

“As the Senate considers Chairman Phillips’ nomination, it is critical that he demonstrate a commitment to a predictable and clear regulatory process and evaluating each project on its merits in accordance with federal law to ensure that needed natural gas infrastructure will be built in a timely fashion. FERC commissioners should also exhibit an appreciation for the foundational role of natural gas in accomplishing FERC’s mission to ‘assist consumers in obtaining economically efficient, safe, reliable, and secure energy services at a reasonable cost,’ and in achieving our country’s climate and jobs goals. 

“INGAA calls on the Senate to act promptly on this nomination because an effective and efficient FERC is key to enabling a reliable and resilient natural gas system to meet the growing energy needs of our country.” 


INGAA represents the U.S. natural gas pipeline industry. INGAA’s members deliver clean, abundant, affordable natural gas throughout North America and operate approximately 200,000 miles of pipelines that serve as an indispensable link between natural gas producers and consumers.