INGAA Comments to Clean Energy Standards White Paper

Natural gas is abundant, clean, and ready to contribute in an affordable manner to our short and long-term power generation needs. Given these factors, a credible clean energy policy should lead to a greater reliance on the use of this domestic resource. In fact, a number of current factors are already driving our energy portfolio to cleaner choices. For example, a number of states have renewable electricity standards in place; there are federal and state tax incentives for renewables; more utilities are looking to utilize natural gas as confidence in availability and price stability due to the massive resource base increases; and EPA is moving forward on a number of non-GHG regulations that will likely cause the retirement of inefficient and older coal plants and their replacement with cleaner natural gas power plants. 

If Congress decides to pursue a CES and can resolve the inherent complex design issues, INGAA maintains that natural gas must be included in a meaningful way as an eligible clean energy source. If Congress decides to pursue a CES, INGAA emphasizes that such a proposal must not undermine the natural gas value chain. Further, based on current technologies and future deployment costs, INGAA maintains that in order for a CES to serve as a credible clean energy policy, it must result in a better than “business as usual” scenario for natural gasThis submission by INGAA should not be interpreted as an endorsement of a federal power mandate like a CES.