INGAA�s Don Santa outlines challenges

WASHINGTON— Interstate Natural Gas Association of America President and CEO
Don Santa outlined the challenges and opportunities facing the natural gas and
natural gas transmission industry in a speech to the Society of Gas Lighting-Society of
Gas Operators today in New York City.

“All of who have a stake in the future of this fuel must work to ensure that natural gas
is seen as more than just a bridge fuel,” Santa said. “Natural gas is more than a
source of energy that will smooth the transition to renewables. It is a fuel for today
and tomorrow: clean burning, inexpensive relative to other fuels and domestically

Santa emphasized the industry’s aggressive efforts to improve safety, and underscored
the need for the industry to work with regulators, the public and other stakeholders to
do more. “The American public is apprehensive about natural gas pipelines – and
understandably so,” he said. “One accident is too many. Still, despite recent accidents,
pipelines are the safest way to transport energy – safer than rails or roads – according
to the U.S. Department of Transportation.”

He also stressed that due to the abundance of domestic natural gas supply, “there is
no need for end-use sectors to debate what’s the best market for gas.” Natural gas
must be a central part of the discussion about the nation’s energy future. “We cannot
let this be an electric-centric discussion in which smart energy is equated only with
smart grid,” Santa said. “It must be a holistic discussion of a smart energy future in
which natural gas plays an integral part – both in providing clean, efficient and
affordable energy for direct use by consumers and in supporting the smart grid.”
Santa discussed the importance of natural gas transmission pipeline infrastructure in
achieving a competitive, national natural gas market. He highlighted, however, that
there remain markets in which pipeline bottlenecks result in price spikes during
periods of peak demand. “Right here in New York City, natural gas prices during the
winter can be three or more times higher than national average prices” Santa noted.
A link to the speech, as prepared for delivery, is available here.