Helping Our Neighbors in a Time of Need

INGAA’s member companies are stepping up their commitments to support their employees and communities as they respond to the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 public health emergency. As a recent Natural Gas Intelligence article highlights, INGAA’s members are raising money and organizing additional relief efforts for health care providers, first responders and local relief organizations to help ease the impacts of COVID-19.  

“INGAA is proud of the efforts of its member companies to provide relief throughout this public health emergency. INGAA members have always been committed to ensuring safe, reliable operations for the nation and are dedicated to help lessening the hardships this outbreak will bring for the communities where they operate.” – Alex Oehler, interim INGAA president and CEO.

Below are just a few examples of how INGAA members are increasing their charitable work to assist their communities at this critical time:

Duke Energy is donating $1.3 million to health services and hunger relief efforts in the seven states it serves. In addition, the company is offering one-time grants for employees experiencing financial hardship and additional personal days for those whose dependent care is disrupted. As Duke’s CEO Lynn Good explained,

“This is an unprecedented crisis that requires an unprecedented response.”

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation is donating $1 million to aid coronavirus relief efforts across the country, including $250,000 for the American Red Cross. CEO Thomas F. Farrell emphasized the company’s commitment to ease the impact of this virus on the communities it serves:

"The health and well-being of customers and employees is Dominion Energy’s top priority. Our contributions to these organizations will help provide the means to lessen the impact of this outbreak.”

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. is contributing $1 million to help combat food insecurity and help small businesses. In addition, the company is donating 480,000 N95 masks and 470,000 surgical masks to California hospitals and first responders. CEO Andy Vesey explained:

“As a company and as individuals, we recognize the need to support the medical community and all they’re doing to help safeguard the health and safety of our fellow Californians.”

Southern Company Gas is investing $2.5 million in relief efforts through charitable organizations such as Meals on Wheels, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and United Way. CEO Kim Greene explained the company’s dedication to giving back:

“Whether it’s supporting health care providers and first responders or agencies focused on helping businesses and their employees get back on their feet, we are committed to providing resources where they are needed most.”

Sempra Energy Foundation is donating $1.75 million to help nonprofits and charities in California, Texas and Louisiana. CEO Dan Maher explained how giving back aligns with Sempra’s corporate values:

“It is truly impressive that at a moment when philanthropy is expected to dip because of the national scope of this crisis, Sempra has risen up to make a huge investment in the health and well-being of children in Southeast Texas."

Williams, through the Williams Foundation, has pledged $1 million in grants for community support that will focus primarily on emergency response, food insecurity, health and human services and K-12 distance learning solutions for public schools. The Foundation also will support Williams’ employees in making an impact, matching contributions to amplify their efforts to provide community support. Alan Armstrong, Williams President and CEO, summed it up this way:

“Now, more than ever, it is important for us to be there for our communities in this time of significant need.”

TC Energy, has given every employee $25 to donate to the local community organization of their choice and matching all personal donations by 200%. President and CEO Russ Girling commented on the impressive response he’s witnessed from TC Energy’s employees:

“It is in times of crisis that one can see the true character of an organization and its people. In the last few weeks, I have seen countless examples of people in our company responding to these challenging circumstances in a selfless way.”

National Grid has committed $500,000 to support its customers experiencing financial hardships as a result of the outbreak. The company is also partnering with community-based organizations in the regions it serves to better support the needs of its communities. National Gird’s interim U.S. President Badar Khan noted,

“We will continue to closely monitor our customers’ needs during the pandemic and find new ways to assist where we can.”

NextEra, through its foundations, is donating $1.5 million to emergency assistance funds. The funds will go towards supporting the most vulnerable members of the communities it serves. CEO Jim Robo emphasized the company’s commitment to its communities saying, 

“As the world’s largest clean energy company, we’ve responded to countless crises over the years and understand how vital it is to be there for our communities when we’re needed the most – and COVID-19 is no different”

Enbridge is contributing CAD$3.2 million towards immediate relief to people and communities most vulnerable to COVID-19’s impacts. The contribution will focus on food banks, social service agencies, mental health organizations, first responders and healthcare providers. Enbridge expects to contribute to nearly 300 community-based nonprofit organizations and approximately 150 Indigenous and Tribal nations. Enbridge’s local offices have also been doing their part to help by donating PPE gear, working with a local distiller to produce hand sanitizer, and providing meals to those in need. 

INGAA is proud of how its member companies are responding with tremendous efforts to support people and organizations during this unprecedented public health emergency.