Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! In towns all over the United States, children are getting ready to go trick or treating. There are some tricks about pipelines that need to be debunked and we have the truths (or treats you could say) to do just that.


Trick 1: Nobody monitors the pipelines to see if there are issues.

Treat: There is software and all kinds of equipment that is instrumental in providing 24/7 monitoring of pipeline safety. Everything from smart pigs to other monitoring devices is used to make pipeline integrity a top priority. And workers monitor pipelines around the clock in control rooms to immediately identify if there are any issues.


Trick 2: Landowners have no say in pipeline construction.

Treat: Consulting landowners and other stakeholders about potential routes is of high importance to pipeline builders. Their opinions and insights help determine the safest and most effective route possible.


Trick 3: Renewable resources and natural gas are enemies in the energy industry.

Treat: Natural gas and renewables work together to provide energy stability. They both have a common goal of providing cleaner, more affordable energy to the public.


Don’t be tricked by pipeline myths; you can read more facts about pipelines here: http://www.ingaa.org/Pipelines101.aspx. For now, go show off your costume and enjoy some free treats!