Energy Trades write to Pres. Biden seeking meeting on Natural Gas supply solutions


The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, The Natural Gas Supply Association, The American Gas Association, and the Independent Petroleum Association of America, on behalf of the people and companies they represent which produce, transport, and deliver domestically produced natural gas, wrote President Joseph R. Biden to support the Administration’s recent actions to hold Russia accountable for its aggression against Ukraine and to propose a meeting with Administration leaders to offer a solution to leverage our domestic natural gas resources to meet current and future energy needs and address the climate challenges faced at home and abroad given the current geopolitical crisis. The full letter can be read here.

“Our industry looks forward to engaging with you and your Administration to examine how we can guarantee sufficient resources are available to deter supply shortages now and into the future. Working together, we believe the natural gas industry will be key to helping this nation and our allies continue on the path to meeting both vital climate goals and critical energy reliability needs during this time of global turmoil.”

“This partnership between the U.S. government and our industry has yielded substantial benefits for the American people and our allies abroad, but significant work remains to achieve your Administration’s goal of ensuring that natural gas supply can keep up with domestic and global demand. In addition to encouraging supply increases to meet today’s challenges, it is also essential to ensure that there is adequate natural gas infrastructure—including Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals and pipelines—so natural gas supply can reach those who need it the most both at home and abroad.”


The American Gas Association, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, the Independent Petroleum Association of America, and the Natural Gas Supply Association — represent most of the companies that produce, transport, and distribute natural gas consumed in the United States.