Back to School

To the joy of parents and the dismay of children, school is back in session. Preparing for the first day means shopping for back-to-school supplies like pencils, backpacks, and the perfect first day outfit. But without natural gas, we wouldn’t have the things we need to jumpstart the school year. Here are a few items that are made using natural gas that make the school day go smoothly.

  • Pens: School means taking notes, or at least making doodles in the margins of your notebook. Methanol is a chemical found in natural gas helps make most inks. So, whether you’re a diligent note taker or have a wandering mind, natural gas is a main component in the classroom.
  • Paint: Art class would be impossible without natural gas. The acetic acid from methanol is used to make paints and pigments. All those bright hues and vibrant colors that are used to create a masterpiece would be non-existent without natural gas.
  • Mirrors: Natural gas heats the furnaces that melt down the raw materials to form glass. This glass can be found in the bathroom mirrors or the mirrors hanging in students’ lockers. Next time your checking if you have something in your teeth after lunch, thank natural gas for saving the day.
  • Water bottles: Gym class is no joke between dodgeball, basketball and constant running. Staying hydrated is important and those water bottles you use on a hot day are made from natural gas.. Natural gas is what helps keeps us hydrated and cooled down through intense volleyball games.
  • Clothes: The most important part of any first of school is the famous “back to school outfit.” Natural gas is an ingredient in the chemicals in most dyes, giving us options for color-coordinated clothes. Organic compounds in natural gas make the nylon fibers which are used in in the apparel industry. Natural gas can be functional and trendy, who knew?

So now, as you browse the aisle of the school supply section, you’ll know that majority of the things on your list are possible thanks to natural gas. Now, go rock the first day of school!