America�s Energy Link unveils �Powers Family� natural gas infographic

America’s Energy Link, a nationwide campaign sponsored by the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and the INGAA Foundation, on Wednesday released its new “Powers Family” infographic to illustrate how natural gas improves an average American family’s quality of life.


The infographic examines the ins and outs of the Powers family – Jack, Amy, Madison and Sam – as they go about their day using products and appliances made from or powered by natural gas. Natural gas heats our homes, helps cook our food, heats our water, and generates about one third of the nation’s electricity. But it also is used in everyday products, like paint, medicines, soccer balls, and sneakers.


The Powers Family infographic helps bring into focus the importance of natural gas in the lives of Americans,” said Don Santa, INGAA President and CEO. “We believed it was important to highlight how much more comfortable our lives are thanks to natural gas.”


Each week, the campaign will be rolling out social graphics, highlighting an event in the family’s day that is improved by natural gas. These social graphics will be uploaded to the AEL Resource Center. The campaign encourages sharing these social graphics to any personal social media pages.


About America’s Energy Link
In 2015, the INGAA and the INGAA Foundation launched America’s Energy Link, a strategic communications campaign designed to educate everyday Americans about the benefits of natural gas and natural gas pipelines. The campaign encourages social media involvement to help educate and promote the importance and value that natural gas and natural gas pipelines provide to our homes, communities and country. The Link, the campaign’s monthly newsletter, is sent to AEL subscribers. To learn more about the campaign and access information about natural gas and pipelines, visit

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