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Fact Sheet: Who Regulates Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines

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With robust design standards and strong regulatory oversight, natural gas transmission pipelines have an enviable reliability record. INGAA members own and operate nearly 200,000 miles of interstate natural gas transmission pipelines. The network spans our country and provides access to geographically dispersed production and storage to ensure supply flexibility and… Read More

Role of Natural Gas Pipelines in Electric Reliability

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Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Services

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Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Communications with Electric Grid Operators

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INGAA Foundation releases report on electrification of natural gas transmission compressors

WASHINGTON, DC, — The INGAA Foundation, “The Foundation,” released its report, “Impact of Electrifying… Read More

Natural Gas Pipeline Winterization Preparations

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INGAA Statement on Winter Storm Elliott Report

[Washington, DC, November 13, 2023] – The Staff Report on Winter Storm Elliott illustrates that members of the Interstate… Read More